White Cedar – Rapeseed Candle



Product Description

White florals with exotic jasmine based with amber, patchouli and cedarwood.

Handcrafted rapeseed candle with cotton wick in a recyclable amber glass jar.

Our rapeseed wax is both sustainable and renewable and is made from rapeseed oil harvested in the UK.
Our apothecary glassware is also made locally in the UK, making our candles sustainable and eco friendly.
You can also recycle the glass, just rinse out with hot soapy water to remove any left over wax and reuse. They make great plant pots, pen/pencil holders and for putting paper clips, pins and other small objects in. The size of the glass jar is 6oz.

Burn time 35+ hours.

Candle Care
When lighting the candle for the first time allow it to burn so the the wax melts right to the edge of the glass ~ the rule of thumb is one hour for every 25mm of the candle’s diameter. So that means three hours for the candles. This will avoid the candle tunneling and it will last longer.
We recommend trimming the wick to 5mm.


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